Beast Armorer: Infinite Evolution

Beast Armorer: Infinite Evolution

Beast Armorer: Infinite Evolution

author:Ryden Holk


Latest chapter:Chapter 329End - Transformation of Quasi-Gold-Rank, Radiant Moon Domain

time:2024-01-24 03:34:20


Brief Introduction:

“Ding! Moon-breaking Wolf. Holy evolution. 6-winged Star Beast!”

“Ding! Elemental Spirit Princess. Level synchronization. Current level: Emperor!”

The Flame-tailed Green lion that roamed the plains, the Earth Bear that ruled the forest, the Ice Demon Wolf that trailed the snowy mountains, the Tempest Raven that soared the vast sky, and the Raging Whale the swept the ocean, these were all beasts that could be found in a world where every animal had evolved due to the wake of the Holy Light.

The only animal that did not change was the human…

In order to face the endangerment of human civilization, people began to learn how to tame the monsters and fuse with them to form armors and become stronger.

People hailed those who could fuse with monsters as Armorers.

The level and quality of the monsters that these Armorers fused with would determine how powerful they would become.

Lin Tian, who had a cheat-like system, could infinitely evolve himself and his beast. Their ranks slowly increased from common, to uncommon, to rare, to epic, to mythical, to legendary, to holy, to godly, and finally, to almighty.

A few years later, when Lin Tian fused with his beast, the world would learn of his name.

Latest chapter     renew:2024-01-24 03:34:20

Chapter 329End - Transformation of Quasi-Gold-Rank, Radiant Moon Domain

Chapter 328 - Elemental Queen Appeared, Magic Beast Core

Chapter 327 - The Elemental Queen Reappeared

Chapter 326 - The Hope of Hex City University

Chapter 325 - Four Legendary-grade Magical Beast

Chapter 324 - The Despairing Hex City University

Chapter 323 - Despair! Zhou Yis Hands Collapsed

Chapter 322 - Final Fight for Championship, Lin Tian Lost One Arm?

Chapter 321 - Deep Sea Sperm Whale

Chapter 320 - The Tournament Suspended for the First Time in History

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