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Latest chapter:Chapter 405 C405. Apex Predator

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Brief Introduction:

After being reincarnated in a world called Neron, and destined to be an Average Joe, a common D-Rank Adventurer.Tyler quickly learns the cruelty of life, after being used as a pawn in a selfish and ru...

Latest chapter     renew:2024-03-24 18:13:24

Chapter 405 C405. Apex Predator

Chapter 404 C404. Those Stronger Than 10

Chapter 403 C403. No Contest

Chapter 402 C402. Nine

Chapter 401 C401. Second Evolution

Chapter 400 C400. Battle of The Rogues

Chapter 399 C399. Blane Vs Zelda.

Chapter 398 C,398. Zeldas Will

Chapter 397 C397. Rains Investigations

Chapter 396 C396. Lord Of The Dead

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