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Miss Shen is Actually A Bigshot in Witchcraft

author:Mountain Spring

Shen Chun was a bigshot in mystic arts. During a riot, she was severely injured after being set up by someone. While rescuing a population of several tens of thousands in a small town during a dire s

I Have a Shop of Infinite Resources

author:Qiao Zhiyi

Because she was obsessed with survival games, Tang Su was forewarned in her dream. She hoarded resources like crazy before she transmigrated into a survival romance game, becoming the gold-digger fem

Bigshot Gives in to His Wife Again

author:Miyun Buyu

“According to my divination, you’ll die in three days,” Lu Miao said.“Thank goodness. I’m so done with life,” Mr. Gu said.He then started looking for a Fengshui master to assist him with his cemetery

I am the Entertainment Tycoon


An orphan dies while saving a bus full of children. For saving countless lives, the Universe grants him the opportunity to transmigrate to another reality.There he realizes his dreams of supporting h

Reborn: The Return of the Villainous Mr. Liu


“You will be my wife one day.” Declared Liu Jun - the handsome and wealthy young master to his beloved childhood friend. He vowed to marry her at all costs. But that vow made him a villain. The woman

Empress of the Entertainment World


[Warning: MATURE CONTENT]“A wedding, yes, but not to this girl. You will go down because of this. I would make you pay a million times over. This is my promise to you.”Being drugged and unknowingly h

Code Zulu Alpha: Nerd In The Apocalypse!


"Better to have and not need than to need and not have." -Sky Ishiyama.Sky Ishiyama is a nerd with Photographic Memory who after the bumps and turns in his life, turned to be a Doom

100 Days to Seduce the Devil


[Warning: R18+] She has to make the Devil fall in love within 100 days to regain her original body!=======Phantomflakes soul got separated from her body after committing suicide in front of her enemy



Rising singer’s music road, soft singer gong X foolish music producer shou, warm life text.

No Ghosting Allowed

author:Gu Yan

At the age of thirty, Zhou Qingbo’s luck seemed to have taken a downturn. Nothing was going well for him – he had a sprained ankle, and his stocks were plummeting. Seeking answers, he consulted a for